Oral Drops

Vivir CBD Oral Drops are made from orangutan friendly coconut oil infused with fresh mint flavouring to deliver your choice of strength CBD in a refreshing, delicate and effective way.

Sublingual Oral Spray

Are you never too sure how many drops you are delivering when using the tinctures when using oral drops? We have you covered! Our simple, easy and powerful sublingual spray delivers 400 mcg per actuation of CBD. With our orangutan friendly coconut oil and fresh mint flavouring, no matter what strength, you'll be satisfied. 

Chilli Muscle Rub

Infused with natural chilli, this natural deep heat muscle rub is just what the doctor ordered. This delivers a deep healing natural anti-inflammatory CBD dose to those aches and pains whilst naturally warming the skin and muscles to bring a soothing release. 

CBD Capsules

Vivir CBD soft gel capsules are small and round so they make taking CBD easy and convenient. No more big tablets to swallow! Each tablet will deliver 10mg of CBD so as you build your tolerance up you can increase your daily dosage.